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Quickly save (and search through) any Twitter user's timeline! For example, if you want to get all1 of @bird_facts_bot's tweets, just go to:

Unless something goes awry, twarc will save a timestamped JSON file of @bird_facts_bot's timeline to its server, and point you to retrieve it at a link like

You'll see a simplified plain-text timeline (☝️ good for CMD/CTRL + F). Just remove the ?preview=true to download the full JSON.

That's it! Feel free to use this until the Twitter API rate limits it or until twarc gets filled up to Glitch's 128MB storage limit. If you want more space/control/usage, consider remixing this and putting your own Twitter API keys into .env:

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1 Up to 3,200 tweets, the max you can access through the Twitter API

🎊 Supports 280 character tweets

🛳 twarc is like "twitter archive" or like "noah's twarc." Whatever.

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